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Romanian car manufacturer bets on Exact Systems

Dacia, the biggest Romanian car manufacturer, has chosen Exact Systems as an authorised provider of quality control services.

Since July 2017 our company is responsible for quality control of car models produced in Mioveni, among which are: Logan, Sandero or Duster.
This is yet one another car manufacturer, next to Renault, Audi, Volvo, Fiat or Volkswagen, who cooperates with Exact Systems Group.
- After a long period of auditing and approving, which in case of OEM plants is a standard procedure, our Romanian branch was chosen by Dacia to provide quality services. As one of the biggest quality controlling companies in Europe, we are able to provide the Romanian plant and its suppliers with excellent quality of services, which is guaranteed by a team of young employees prepared for performing quality controls – says Paweł Gos, President of the Management Board of Exact Systems. – What is more, Dacia is yet another car manufacturer to cooperate with our Group. We hold the most of possible accreditations in countries, in which we have structures. We are authorised provider of services for, amongst others, Renault in Turkey, Fiat in Poland, Volkswagen and Daimler in Germany, or Audi and Volvo in Belgium – adds Gos.
The contract with AUTOMOBILE DACIA SA plant in Mioveni is valid from 1 July 2017, for a one year period. Exact Systems became one of the three authorised suppliers of quality control solutions, that is sorting and rework of parts, components and end products for Dacia and its external suppliers. Dacia is a part of French company Renault and the biggest Romanian car manufacturer. Between January and May 2017, Dacia plants manufactured 143 000 cars altogether.
Romanian branch is one of most dynamically developing branches in Exact Systems Group. The branch controlled over 39 M parts in 2016, which represents a 247% increase  compared to 2015. What is more, Exact Systems employs 300 controllers in Romania alone, but considering the cooperation with Dacia and its suppliers, these numbers are bound to go up by 80-100 people.
- Becoming an authorised service provider for Dacia is a tremendous opportunity for the further development not only of our Romanian branch, but the whole Group. This accreditation will give us access to orders at both OEM and its suppliers plants. Daily, Dacia cooperates with 350 suppliers, including 300 international and 50 local companies. This forms an attractive base of potential customers. We are already cooperating with some of them, but we hope to get into business relationships with others soon in the future – says Jacek Opala, Member of the Management Board of Exact Systems, responsible for business development in the Group.
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